Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just so you know..

The comments on that previous post (the one with 18 comments) have now been hidden from the public and no one else can comment on that post. If you didn't want those comments to be public, then they shouldn't have been posted on a public blog... but I decided that this time I will be nice and make them private so everyone might be happy.

Also, since this issue was made public on my blog, I feel that it would be best to respond publicly. First, Vince has never said that my dad is not my dad anymore. Second, I never said that I have to get Vince's permission to call my parents.

I want everyone to know that Vince is NOT controlling and he is a wonderful husband. I love him and it hurts me when people lie about him.

Out of respect, I'm leaving out the names of those who I'm talking to in this blog. If you want to comment on this post, please make sure that whatever you say is something you wouldn't mind saying in public. I will not be deleting or hiding any comments on this blog post.

If you feel the need to respond in a way that shouldn't be posted publicly, then please send your comments to vinsulation117@gmail.com.

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